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Originally Posted by fatboy4211 View Post
count me in. suggestions on best way to remove the cluster? i usually do things the hard way and break others things while im there. you should see the china cabinet!!
I remove the spedo as follows:
Undo the spedo cable from the back of the cluster.
Undo the 4 screws on the front holding the cluster into the dash.
Now pushing on the metal ring around the glass (not on the glass itself) push the cluster into the dash.
Angle the cluster face down.
Reach in through the open hole and pull the wires (it is a good idea to mark the wires so you know where everything goes later.
The bulb sockets just pull straight out (no twisting!!!!!!!!)
Slide the cluster out from under the dash.

Take your time and don't rush it, If you have any problems stop and give me a call 801-673-2933

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